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Shorinji AikijujitsuTM

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Where spirituality,
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Shorinji Aikijujitsu TM is an ancient martial art that predates modern Aikido and Jujitsu styles.  It is based on the original joint twisting and breaking plus grappling techniques of the Chinese Shaolin Chin-na Kung-fu from the legendary Shaolin Temple (Shorinji).  Punches and kicks plus ground fighting were added from the original Shaolin Kempo.  All your present knowledge of hand & foot fighting will be useful added to the throws, holds, joint locks, chocking and secret breaking and disabling techniques you will learn in this art.  This is taught in a safe, controlled environment beause this system was designed for martial combat and permanent injury or death. 

Haruo Matsuoka Sensei, 5th Dan,  has taught formerly at Academy of Judo & Karate under Prof. Skornia.  Matsuoka Sensei is the Chief Instructor of Ikazuchi Dojo.  He has 30 years of Aikido experience.  For more than twenty years, Matsuoka Sensei was one of the highest-ranking disciples of Master Steven Seagal (7th Dan) and served as Chief Instructor of his Los Angeles-based Tenshin Dojo from 1989 until 1997.  He has been featured in many martial arts magazines.    He has locations in Los Angeles and Orange County and some other affiliated dojos in the United States and overseas.  Matsuoka Sensei later returned to Japan to teach Aikido and train under Master Abe Sensei (10th Dan), one of the closest and highest ranking disciples of O-Sensei, the founder of Aikido. James Shibata, 6th Dan with 40 yers of experience, also taught at our hombu dojo for several years.  He still teaches at the Japanese Cultural Center where Master Skornia got his start.  See
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