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Where spirituality,
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     Shorinji Zendo-ryu KarateTM  is an ancient system that traces its history directly back to the Shaolin Temple.  It is an "omni" system of Karate (martial art) based on univeral principles of body movement and mind power passed down for generations from great legendary Grandmasters. 
     Shorinji Zendo-ryu KarateTM teaches that all true styles of Karate have merit and there are within each style, no matter if it is Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Okinawan, good and effective techniques and training experiences. 

There exists three ingredients for developing effective fighting and karate skills:
1.  The techniques of that style of karate must be scientific and practical;
2.  The instructor must know and be able to transmit the scientific and 
     effective techniques; and
3.  The student must understand, train hard, and make the techniques work 
     for him with power,speed, form and without conscious thought. 

All of the Grandmasters of the Orient have contributed their great concepts and knowledge to our  system.  Master Skornia personally knew and trained with almost every Grandmaster who lived in the last century.  To honor that great genius and lineage of the philosophy and knowledge of these masters  are, and should be, the goal of all SHORINJI ZENDO-RYU TM KARATE practitioners.

The 3 P's for the continuation of  SHORINJI ZENDO-RYU TM KARATE  are:
*P     Protect
*P     Propogate
*P     Preserve

The Ranking System  is:
BEGINNER - White Belt......................9th, 8th, 7th kyu..........3 levels
INTERMEDIATE - Green Belt...............6th, 5th, 4th kyu..........3 levels
ADVANCED - Brown Belt ...................3rd, 2nd, 1st kyu......... 3 levels
INSTRUCTOR - Black Belt .................Shodan through Judan,10 ranks

For the complete, detailed spiritual explanation of the ranking system, please refer to: , the philosophy website.


Master Skornia trained with, and knew personally, almost all of the greatest, well-known 10th Dan Grandmasters and founders of many styles of Karate in Japan and Okinawa.  Receive the direct flow of knowledge from these historical figures through the present Grandmaster's disciples with 60 years of experience.

Vacation Private Lesson Special Package
Continuous Privates of Semi-Privates
Earn rank at Prof. Skornia's Private Instructor's Dojo

As you may know, Prof. Skornia is also a Zen Master.  He has practiced Zen for fifty years under well-known Zen masters of Soto, Rinzai, as well as a Vietnamese Zen school.  Experience true, deep Zen meditation.  Feel the peace and stress release of Zen tranquility.

Private training sessions are also available.  Prices are listed in E-mail for detailed information:

For people who wish to take special training to become ranked in SHORINJI ZENDO-RYU TM KARATE, please contact headquarters,
Any previous experience or rank will be credited to your progress with us.  Some of the training could be completed by video or DVD.  Licenses to teach and Black Belt rank certificates can be obtained by dedicated students through the ALL JAPAN KARATE ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL TM.


Sensei's spirit has been freed from his earthly body September 2013.  If you would like to train with his high-ranked instructors, please contact  us at
Since my retirement (semi), it is so gratifying to hear from so many of you over the last forty-five years that I have been teaching. 

Hundreds of students have been finding me on my many web sites and contacting me with well-wishes.  Thank you so much.  You have made my life full.

Many of you would like to complete Black Belts that you weren't able to complete months or years ago.  Some of you would like to earn your next rank.  All of this is possible.  I have special non-resident training available.  Many people want to be licensed to teach their own classes or to open a Shorinji Zendo-ryu Karate TM dojo.  ALL CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED.  Just contact me.  Open your heart, Open your Mind and the whole world will open to you and to the TRUTH. 

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